Sunday, March 15, 2009


Announcement: HOS01 is to be mass manufactured

I have recently been corresponding to a couple of like-minded investors and guys experienced in the processes of toy manufacturing and we've decided to form a team to put HOS01 into production and possibly other projects.

Master Mind Creation (MMC)'s goal is to create custom toys based on familiar TF characters that are never made into actual toys as well as original robot designs. And of course the first project announced is HOS01.

There will be a number of improvements and changes to be made to the original design especially in the joints. The actual price is unconfirmed at the moment. More details will be announced here as well as in the MMC blog.

A note to folks who ordered the resin version:
I have been advising potential buyers of the HOS01 kit since the group has been discussing on the project. The kits will continue to be available to those who are willing to support this version and I will still be continuing the series in resin as it there it cannot be confirmed that all my designs can be mass produced.

If you have any specific queries do email me at I will try to ship out all confirmed orders by the end of March. A big Thank You to those who have supported this project and those who will continue supporting.

*I will be away from 16-22th Mar and will not be able to reply to emails.


jameschillcott said...

Hold it even legal to sell TF branded figures in this way...have you guys talked to the lawyers or Hasbro on this yet?

This mold is amazing, and I would certainly be interested in one, but I don't recall ever hearing of something like this not resulting in a lawsuit. I mean sure, some companies are making aftermarket accessories, but they aren't branded and aren't infringing on specific copyrights or trademarked characters.

Thoughts guys?

Eric Chan (K66) said...

This isn't exactly branded nor is there even a registered company. It's exactly a fan production like those that we've seen around the past couple of years, only difference is that the public knows who I am while you probably get no real names from people making the other fan products.

While I won't call it legal to be doing what we're trying to achieve, I personally do not feel that it's illegal either. It's not the first time I made something "inspired" by licensed properties and I actually got credited after an Iron Man bust I sculpted for a fan production got bought by Bowen Designs. (Randy Bowen knew that bust was sold "illegally" as well and the fact that he bought and used that sculpt was because it sold extremely well)

We've all heard about comments like "Hasbro should really hired that guy!!" or something similar, but really, what are the chances that this can really happen? Probably nil. I started out with a dream to design cool transforming robots and get them mass produced, spent years and literally tens of thousands of dollars pursuing it, so when someone came to me and told me "lets do this!" My answer was "yes".

I've lost too much trying to get what I've set out to achieve when I quit my job to be a toy designer/sculptor 5 yrs back (my very first sculpt was a transformable TF) and this yr it might be my last as one. So if I get sued for doing this, then I'll have no regrets letting things end with a bang rather than slowly fading away. And I can't afford a lawyer anyway so let's just see how things turn out. There are many things besides a lawsuit that can screw the project up.

Btw no copyrighted material, names or trademarks are used in the project. I do own the 3D design and sculpt if I'm not wrong.