Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Really very sorry to those who are still waiting for their kits. A lot of unforeseen issues came up and I had to delay on the work and the tests and instructions are taking a lot longer than expected. This is roughly how the assembled kit would look like without paint. Some issues I'm still trying to fix is that the joints are a lot looser than than the pure white ones that I've tested. I'll be reducing the paint and will be changing the joint materials and modify a little on the assembly instructions that I'm still writing.

Hoping to get everything done up and fulfill all the pending orders by the end of March. I'll be away for a week from 16-22th Mar for army reservist training so I won't be able to attend to any emails.

There will also be some announcements soon for future plans and concerning this project as well so stay tuned. Meanwhile here are some pics for those waiting for their kits...

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