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Finally I'm ready to take a pre-order for this project after testing my first molds and parts from the very first set. And before anyone jumps straight into this getting all excited thinking you are ordering and getting a HOS Optimus Prime TOY, YOU ARE NOT. Read on.


This is not a toy. What I'm offering to the Transformer fandom and the public is a resin garage kit with parts made from Polyurethane(PU) resin. It is meant to be closer to a display model and not a toy that can be handled roughly.

You'd expect to:

  • drill lots and lots of holes(3 different sizes) preferably with a battery powered drill
  • trim out excess material using a rotary tool(dremel or similar models) or a penknife(guaranteed cuts on the fingers)
  • smooth out certain parts using sandpaper
  • glue certain parts together using CA (superglue). While most parts are held by screws and replaceable if damaged, there are a couple of parts that have to be glued on.
  • touch up on lost details(I cannot guarantee 100% perfect parts when I may have literally tens of thousands of parts to cast and pack within a short period of time. But if the quality is bad enough I'll send a replacement)
  • find a couple of small bubbles here and there in a couple of the 80 parts. As much as I'll try to achieve perfection I cannot afford that level of QC for the price I've set.
  • potentially flimsy joints in robot mode. I've been exploring on making tght joints in resin figures and it is currently the best method I've come up with so far considering its size. I have no idea if the joints will stay tight over a long period of time as there's no opportunity to test it yet but the joints are removable and replaceable.
  • parts may not lock properly in train mode. I have included pegs in the design for locking of parts in the alternate mode but apparently there is still some form of shrinkage or deformation that is not visible to the eye that affects the fitting of plugs and holes. To have a perfectly tight fitting, the resin pegs have to be manually removed and replaced with styrene or acrylic rods for precision fitting. The resin pegs used for locking at for people who do not want to go through this extra tedious process. I'm still trying to work out other ways to improve on the current parts.
  • possible issues with transformation after building the kit. How well the parts fit together largely depends on the skill level of the person building the kit and how much time/effort he's spending on it. eg. if the holes are not drilled straight, it will affect may other parts that are supposed to fit nicely together.

At this point of time you should have a clear idea on what this actually is. Building a garage kit is not the same as building a gundam kit. And if you're still keen to get one (or two) after knowing the limitations of the material and the design of this figure, here's the deal.

I will continue to improve some minor parts and start production shortly, but this project has taken its toll on my time and finances so at this point of time when I am certain that I'd be able to deliver a decent kit to those who know what to expect from resin garage kits, I'm starting a pre-order to decide on the size of the production run as well as ease my financial issues a little.


There are three options available for this pre-order:

  1. you're a die hard fan and a full supporter and insist on getting a kit irregardless of any reasons , you can opt to pay in full. I appreciate your trust and support and will make sure you'd get your kit delivered asap

  2. you have decided to get one for sure, but wish to pay in full only when I'm ready to ship. You can pay a deposit of US$50 for each kit reserved. You will be placed on the waiting list right after the people who has paid in full and will get your kit in due time. In the event that you wish to cancel the order I will not be able to refund the money back. However for any reasons that I may not be able to fulfill your order I will make a full refund including additional paypal fees.

  3. you think this looks interesting and you'd like to buy one if the reviews from those who have gotten it are good. Do write in. I will decide the size of the production run based on the number of people who might be willing to buy one and you will be in a list of names of potential orders. There is no obligation to order but I will keep the people updated on related information on this project and possible future projects in this series (if it can become a series that is). Priority goes to people who have paid full and partial. Once decided, I will not increase the number of kits to be produced as every kit will come with a numbered plaque.


HOS Prime resin garage kit
  • Size of figure: 6.5" tall in robot mode; 8.5" in train mode (approx)
  • What's in the kit: 80 resin parts; Drill bits required; rods and tubes required; screws; additional rods required for optional modifications; and instructions of course, I have not written them yet though
  • Optional tools: I will prepare a list of recommended tools to build the kit but they are normally easily available in most hardware, DIY shops, or you may even have them at home so I'm not including them in the kit. But if you insist I can include them in with an additional charge
  • Colors: parts come in 3 colors (red/blue/light gray) for the "Original" version and 2 colors (dark gray/light gray) for the "Black" version. Do take note that colors may not appear as bright or rich as expected as excessive pigmentation/dye will cause weakening of material.
  • Weight: completed figure weighs about a little less than 1lb
  • Price: Unassembled kit (US$120)
  • Prices for additional services: Simple assembly ie. basic cleaning of parts (US$80); Complete assembly ie. filling of possible bubbles, replacing resin pegs with acylic rods (US$150); Basic paintjob ie. airbrushed solid colors for base parts and simple handpainted applications on various details (US$80)
  • Shipping: US$45 to USA for express (2-4 days and US$28 for normal air: (10-14 days) based on a protional offer by local post office till 31 Mar 09 (2-4 days). For other countries please refer to this brochure here. Shipping is a single flat rate for multiple orders. I will absorb additional shipping charges if any.
  • Replacement parts: In the event that parts get damaged beyond repair, I will offer up a list of the parts available for replacements. Prices may vary from $2 - $10 depending on size/weight. Additional shipping charges apply.
  • Project duration: Depending on the size of the production, I do not wish to stretch the project beyond end of March. I do not know how fast I can churn out sets while maintaining a certain level of quality yet and I cannot afford to purchase materials altogether in one order nor do I have the storage space so I will fulfill orders as I go along.
  • Size of production: To be decided. I will set a number to how many of each color are to be produced based on the level of interest I get. I may produce fewer than that actual number has the production costs are extremely high, but not more. And there won't be a second run. Each kit will come with a numbered plaque stating the kit number and number of kits produced for that color. People who would want to order a set of two can request for the identical numbers if they wish to do so.
  • Expected date for first orders to be fulfilled: End Jan - mid Feb.
  • End of pre-order: when the first kits are ready to be shipped out and the numbered plaques are to be prepared.
  • Whats the diff between 10" and 6.5" versions: Size, price, material used and skill level of the people making molds and castings. I do not know whether Hal is better or not as I'm located in Singapore, only someone who has both can compare.


I'm honored to have the chance to work together with a couple of very talented individuals as well as professionals to make this project better. So far these are the people involved and credit goes where credit's due:

Guido Guidi
What can I say more? There won't be no HOS Prime custom without the HOS comic and more importantly, Guido's concept design. 'Nuff said (Guido isn't involved in this project, I based my work on his concept and design)

Hmm I don't remember what this guy does for a living but his artwork is cool as hell. He'll be the one doing the box/sticker art as well as other graphics goodies in this project and hopefully future ones as well.

Sabrina specializes in customized paintjobs from the TF movie toys. Really really impressive work. Normally I do not take notice in custom painted figures but I gotta say I was floored when I saw what she did to toys that I didn't really like. Check her blog out.

Frenzy Rumble
Professional kitbasher who commands the highest prices on ebay for kitbashing works. Michael the coolest gestalt custom pieces tower 18" tall.


Please make all payments through Paypal ( and send me an email of your information as well through the same address. If you have any queries do feel free to contact me as well through email.


Future Projects: I'd wish to design and produce more custom figures from the series and hopefully make them available to everyone who wants one. There are lots of ways that I've thought of to improve on the current design after assembling the kit myself, but I have to move on as I've been working on this project for exactly 2 years since Jan 07. So the success of this production is crucial to developments of future projects. There are always ways to improve on designs and products and I will keep on trying harder.

For those who have supported and encouraged this project so far, you have my sincerest thanks. And if you have any supportive criticisms on how to improve on the design and product I will definitely taken them into consideration, but only for future projects. I've spent enough time, effort and money on this design.

A note to early orders. As much as I appreciate those who are willing to support this project fully and get the early kits, I have to be honest to inform you that for every production run, the kits from the earlier part of production MAY have problems and issues that can be solved in the later part of the production. If the issues are major, I will offer free replacement parts (shipping fees apply)

Think I've ranted long enough. If you have further questions do email me

Here are the pics of the very first kit made from the very first mold which will be painted by Sabrina aka sabsabby85. Her works can be viewed in the link section.


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This is an AWESOME version of Prime! I have been waiting for someone to create this version! I can't wait to purchase one! You have got some REAL talent there!

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Thanks! Do check back in a week or two I should have pictures of the actual kit ready.

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