Monday, January 19, 2009

LOG018: WHAT IF......?

While I wasn't ready to reveal the intentions I have when I first started this project, switching over from scratchbuilding by hand to designing on software and prototyping by machine, I received a couple of emails from a few guys who might not be getting the kit for whatsoever reasons, but still wrote in to express their interest and appreciation for the project.

I explained to them that the project might not end with resin. So I'd like to ask a couple of questions and hope to get feeback from the fandom:

  1. How many of you guys will be interested in an ABS (injected toy plastic) version?
  2. Would you still buy one in kit form like Gundam/Zoids? (in ABS of course)
  3. How much would you pay for it in kit form, kit form with paint apps applied or complete like the City Commander? (same size at 6.5")

Yep I wanna get this and others into the factories one fine day and make real toys out of them. That's why I refused to give this up after the large one failed and revived this almost two years later. At this point of time I have no means at all to realize a mass manufactured project but I do hope that it can happen one day if the resin projects prove to be successful and able to fund it at least partially.

So do write in as the main intention of the preorder is to gather information and data for me to plan my projects more carefully. But of course, be honest about the prices that you intend to pay for the various options and feel free to express your opinions, views and suggestions.

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