Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Heck I've been too busy with other projects on hand I don't have time to work on Prime at the moment but I've just uploaded a bunch of photos of an old figure I made long long time back in uni days. Couldn't afford the toys I liked so I start making them outta wire. S$50 got me a lifetime supply of wire from the hardware store so it became a hobby making figures of characters I liked and later I started selling them through commission and it funded my early collection of robot toys.

This particular one was made when Studio Halfeye made and sold their resin Perfect Change GaoFighGar and I bloody well can't afford that so only choice I had was to made one for myself that transform and combine outta that cheap wire. This was one of my proudest piece besides the 24" tall Evangelion EVA01 figure (with full articulation down to the fingers) commissioned by someone else. It stands at 10" tall and GaoFar transforms into PhantomGao and combines with the Gao Machines to form GFG. It's a personal piece and I still own it today :)

It looks pretty ugly to me now by my current standards but still this piece has a very special place in my heart.

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