Saturday, September 27, 2008


Arcee was the very first sculpture I tried making (inspired by Botcon Japan '98 Arcee), not the first that I completed though. She was 5" tall if I recall correctly and made up of epoxy putty and styrene. I didn't have a dremel back then or even know about it so she's basically shaped by a pen knife and loads of sandpaper.

This figure no longer exist as it was modified into version 1.1 based on comments received that she looked too young and anime styled. The modifications were made when no one in my small team Studio Epsilon (STEP) have any expereince in molding or casting so revisions were made on the original sculpt. Personally I do not like the revised version one bit and deeply regret making the changes without keeping the original figure. Limited copies of the revision were auctioned off on Ebay. The figures were extremely fragile due to the size and design.

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