Monday, September 1, 2008

LOG001: Back in Action - Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime

A brief history:

The HOS Prime project began in Jan 2008 as a test project for transiting from traditional sculpting/scratch-building to computer aided design and prototyping.

A 10" tall model was made through CNC milling and due to overwhelming responses from Transformers fans, the figure was to be offered as colored garage kits. After two failed molds it was decided that the costs of production was too high to sell the kits at the price promised to the fandom so the project was eventually shelved.

The project was picked up by my long time friend Hal Zucati
and offered to the public once again, but at a more realistic price for a figure this size and complexity.

But HOS Prime is back in more than one ways, as promised to many who asked of a more affordable figure, the 6.5" version is in development. I'll keep progress updated here so stay tuned...

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